June 11, 2020

Clermont Coal

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Clermont Coal

The Clermont Coal Mine Project (the “Project”) involves the development and operation of an open cut coal mine producing 10 to 15 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of thermal coal for the export market. The Project is located 10 kilometres (km) north of the township of Clermont, and approximately 15 km east of the existing Blair Athol Mine (BAM) in Central Queensland. The mine is located 300 km west-north-west of Rockhampton and 234 km south-west of Mackay

The current mine plan is based on a nominal production rate of 12 Mtpa, although actual production may vary between 10 and 15 Mtpa. A production rate of 12 Mtpa would give a mine life of approximately 17 years of coal production. The current mine plan for the BAM has production ceasing in 2009. As the BAM production winds down, capacity in the BAM product stockpiles, stacker reclaimers and train loadout facilities will become available for use in the Project. Current plans provide for production at the Project to commence in 2008 and build up to full production as production from the BAM winds down.

TeleHealth and Safety

The hazards and risks associated with the Project have been identified through the use of a Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA), which assisted in the identification of potential incident scenarios, potential consequences, prevention, protection and mitigation measures.

The risk profile for the proposed facility is generally “low” or “moderate” with the exception of safety risks from highwall rock fall and blasting, which have been assessed as “high” risk. It should be noted that these are assessed as high since there is significant energy involved and the controls can only reduce the probability of the event. These risks are common to all open cut mining operations and are subject to standard mining controls. The Project will adopt a safety management system similar to those presently implemented throughout RTCA’s other operations. The system will adopt an integrated approach to risk management of the operations, recognising the hazards at all points in the operations and how these are controlled.

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