February 2, 2020

2020 Mission Statement

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2020 Mission Statement

Today in 2020 healthreporter.com.au primary focus is to put an accessible and affordable telehealth service reviews online doctor sites  and recommendations to improve users decision making process when it comes to health via digital technology.

Press Release Site History

A team with significant experience in the media, digital advertising, journalism and health communication industries has launched a new daily breaking news and opinion website focused on Australia’s health system.

Backed by a team of  private investors, the Health Reporter, was born of the belief by its owners that Australia’s health system is important and large enough to have its own daily online news site producing original news content and opinion.

Leading the new venture are Simon James, ex Fairfax  journalist and long time telehealth industry cmo and Marty brown, the directors of digital media and advertising agency secret agency and who between them, spent years with internet  realestate.com.au before establishing their own agency.

“Our long term goal is to break news, provide challenging and thought provoking opinion pieces and help set the health news agenda rather than follow it. We know that will take some time to achieve but we will work hard throughout 2012 to achieve that goal.” Riley said back in 2012.

Riley in 2012, who has taken on the role of Managing Editor after 25 years in senior public affairs roles including the public and private health sector and the pharmaceutical industry, said research conducted by the Tele Health Reporter team indicated there were a number of issues, stories and opinions that could be reported more adequately in the media than presently being done and there were important stories and issues that warranted further coverage and/or follow up.

“We are aiming high in our goal to break news, publish stories and thought provoking opinion, news angles and articles that will set the agenda, to deliver content which is newsworthy and of interest to a national audience. “

The Health Reporter will be provide all content for free and will generate revenue initially via advertising. Riley said the response from the health industry in particular to the idea of the Health Reporter had been exceptionally positive.

“Frankly, we’ve been overwhelmed at the response. We already have a number of good stories ready to run and opinion from key players in the health industry. There will be no shortage of content across such a huge industry and we believe that if the content is good, balanced and reliable, the audience will be there and ultimately this is what potential advertisers want.”

Source: Health Reporter Mumbrella