August 23, 2020

"Wellness system set to scale to 1 billion users within 5 years."

"Wellness system set to scale to 1 billion users within 5 years."

Hashgraph has likely partnered with the Chopra Foundation to form a mental wellness system that they hope will scale to 1 billion users within 5 years. The platform's initial focus will get on self-destruction prevention, though they hope to eventually turn it into a wider mental well-being network. '

According to the press launch, the "Never Alone Campaign" will certainly "offer a global neighborhood, providing safe accessibility to scientific research, the job of mental health as well as health specialists, as well as pragmatic tools and also methods for day-to-day use."

We asked Hashgraph Chief Executive Officer Mance Harmon whether the fact that Deepak Chopra has recently been accused of promoting pseudoscience and also quackery presented a challenge to the collaboration.

Harmon recognized that he was familiar with the dispute surrounding Chopra's techniques and also added, "I believe that the system that is being created can be of value."

Harmon believes that if the effort comes to be a success, it will be an import usage situation for the Hashgraph modern technology, and Distributed Journal Modern technology in general. The company's innovation will be utilized to confirm web content, track its usage, and also recompense creators with a token.

Most blockchains battle when it involves saving large media data; nevertheless, according to Harmon, Hashgraph's distinct layout makes it extremely suitable for this obstacle.

Hashgraph's Hedera Agreement Service or HCS that works as the base layer, arranges purchases into agreement order. The Chopra Foundation will certainly also be running its own nodes, wherein the data will certainly be saved. They assert that the data kept on the private network remains tamper-proof:

When the content obtains produced, it obtains hashed as well as the hash gets submitted to the HCS, obtains its timestamp and then gets streamed back to this private network that stores everything.

Harmon stated that the contrast to Steemit is apt, including that he suches as the style of the Never Alone system:

I really value the version that the Never Alone Campaign is bringing to market right here. And that is the model of integrating crowdsourcing of web content, curating that material, having the community at large properly compensate the web content creators with there, with their engagement and also use and pay through a token.

Although Chopra's trainings might be suspicious, he is a bonafide sales person - he functions as an adjunct professor of advertising at Columbia College Business School. This will certainly be fairly an accomplishment if he manages to scale the system to even one-tenth of its stated goals.

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