August 31, 2020

Seer Medical Wins Multi Million Dollar Grants

Seer Medical Wins Multi Million Dollar Grants

Seer Medical - A Melbourne-based medical technology company has  been approved a US$ 3 million agreement to make use of digital health technology and AI to drive personalised medicine for the Epilepsy Foundation of America.

“Seer has found that data from wearables builds a picture of other relevant factors in arriving at a  personalised seizure forecast. Many factors are known to influence an individual’s seizure risk,  such as sleep quality, stress, alcohol intake, medication adherence, hormone levels, blood-glucose, exercise, and even the weather.”

Freestone said there is evidence that seizure likelihood follows regular and predictable cycles that  can be daily, weekly, monthly or other multi-day periods and that the ability to track seizure risk in  real time using wearables has the potential to radically transform epilepsy management.

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“Individuals will be empowered to make informed decisions about their health using advanced digital technologies that deliver personalised insights.”

The company has major international opportunities with discussions underway with US and UK health services looking at ways to free up hospital beds.

Assessing current health and economic challenges, Dr Freestone concluded that digital health companies like Seer will be a major part of Australia's growth on the other side of COVID-19.

“We will help make Australians healthier and happier while generating export dollars and producing untold productivity savings. Seer and many companies like it, are well-positioned to  play our role on the health and economic fronts of this recovery.”

Another Grant win earlier - The company, Seer Medical, is experts in product or services to make the medical diagnosis as well as administration of neurological problems easy.

The My Seizure Scale project will be done in cooperation with the US-based Mayo Facility and also London-based King University Healthcare facility, as well as will certainly utilize Seer Cloud to make it possible for individuals to determine the possibility of an epilepsy seizure happening through an app.

The Seer Cloud system will certainly accumulate data from wearable gadgets that gauge the task of an individual's mind, heart and also various other important vital signs.

The data will after that be analyzed by AI on the cloud to instantly create scientific insight.

Seer Medical CEO Dr Dean Freestone told HITNA that today, AI interpretation of mind signals highlight components of data that are likely to be vital for diagnostic objectives. What Seer Medical's innovation aims to do, via this job, is speed up the evaluation procedure.

The algorithms find intricate combinations of seizure causes that or else appear random as seizures can be influenced in subtle means, as well as by numerous things.

For instance, rest, anxiety, alcohol, diet, weather condition, as well as various other behavioral as well as environmental elements affect the probabilities of it happening.

" Conventional diagnostics call for individuals to be checked in healthcare facility for a week. Seizures can be uncommon events, so it takes a very long time to catch them. Clients can be waiting around in medical facility for weeks and seizures are much less likely to happen in a setup that's until now removed from regular," he stated.

Making use of personalised information recorded over a long period of time period is anticipated to expose the triggers for an individual as well as relocates neurology out of the scientific setting to the residence, reducing the dependence on loaded down health center infrastructure.

" Seer's at-home diagnostic solution permits patients to be taped in the home environment, so there is no more a need to be embedded healthcare facility for a week. This maximizes beds for patients in better requirement," he added.

" In the future, AI will certainly allow computerized medical diagnosis of epilepsy, which will be advanced. AI will certainly additionally be able to suggest what treatment will certainly work best for a specific in future. This new sort of personal treatment is a while off, however we are working to develop the framework to make this a reality."

Established in 2017, the business's prompt emphasis is on epilepsy, with the project aiming to harness the cumulative understanding of doctor and curating one of the globe's largest medical dataset.

" There are 65 million people dealing with epilepsy worldwide. Approximately one third can not manage their seizures successfully. These individuals live in persistent stress and anxiety and also day-to-day tasks like driving or cooking can end up being life-threatening," he claimed.

" Utilizing the Seer Cloud, patients will be able to evaluate the likelihood of a seizure happening soon through an app, bringing back control into their lives."

According to Freestone, the job also represents the convergence of a range of technologies, with the capacity for more in the near future.

" We are staying in an extraordinary time of modification in innovation and also the rate of adjustment is raising. Advances in wearable tools, broadband mobile networks and cloud storage and also computing means that Seer can accumulate and organise customised wellness data at unprecedented scales," he claimed.

" The convergence of artificial intelligence, AI, high-speed mobile networks, wearables tools and also cloud computing will democratise medical care. Soon, we will have 5G mobile networks, allowing fast transmission of details from wearable devices throughout the internet.

" The 2020s will certainly see these modern technologies integrating, bring about the democratisation of medical care as well as client empowerment."

Visiting Seer Medical?

• Wear a comfortable button-up shirt
• Wash your hair the night before your appointment to ensure it is dry and clean, and don’t use any hair products
• You will be transporting equipment home, so please travel by car to and from the appointment
• If you are unable to travel to your appointment by car, please get in touch
• Stock up on supplies and entertainment for the duration of your monitoring!
• You will be fitted with small sensors attached to your head and chest, and a harness that supports the monitor and battery pack

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