October 7, 2020



A website review

The Talking HealthTech Directory site is split into classifications:

It is a paid for  placement directory with automatic content that does not rank well in search engines and is poorly executed according to industry optimistion experts.

Technology Providers are organisations who create software application and hardware for use by participants within a healthcare setting (clinicians, clients, payors etc).

Supporting Services are organisations who ensure that technology solutions are implemented and supported effectively by supplying services that match the technology.

Healthcare Providers are organisations who primarily make use of innovation as their primary platform to provide health care services.

1. Browse Providers.

Utilize our site to search business by specialty or area. It's simple to browse and discover premier business.

2. Compare Providers.

After looking for service providers, compare credentials, reviews, and full profiles of each company on our website.

3. Get in touch with Providers.

Contact companies you like for more information. They are constantly delighted to hear from you!

If you google 'What is HealthTech' you will certainly be swamped with meanings. In its easiest form, HealthTech for us describes making use of technology in the shipment of healthcare.

talkinghealthtech.com. 43 - Matt Bardsley, MedicalDirector.

Matt Bardsley is the CEO of MedicalDirector, one of Australia's leading method management systems for healthcare professionals.

Following the COVID-19 epidemic as well as the influence it has had on our international medical care system, modern technology suppliers have actually been looking for ways to include ...

Concerning us Talking HealthTech is a podcast of conversations with vital players and influencers to advertise technology as well as cooperation for much better health care enabled by modern technology.

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Sign Up With Peter Birch for an once a week podcast of conversations with doctors, programmers and decision makers in the Australian ... A podcast of conversations discussions promote collaboration partnership healthtech.

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The site ranks incredibly poorly

For more info check out www.talkinghealthtech.com-- Listen to Talking HealthTech immediately on your tablet computer, browser or phone - no downloads required.

talkinghealthtech.com.au is a very poor website and a very slow load deploy and appears to not take digital.

One source says, A podcast of conversations to promote collaboration in healthtech. In the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic and the effect it has had on our worldwide healthcare system, technology carriers have actually been searching for ways to include ...

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Join Peter Birch for a regular podcast of discussions with physicians, designers as well as decision manufacturers in the Australian ... A podcast of conversations discussions promote advertise in health tech.

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